Welcome to the Six Villages family

For you and your child, moving from a primary to a secondary school may feel daunting. At Six Villages, we understand this and so have put together a number of resources designed to ease this transition and welcome your child to the Six Villages family.


Year 6 Transition Hub


As we cannot invite you to visit at the moment we will be using this space to keep you informed and prepare you for starting at the academy.  We cannot wait for you to join us in September,  the countdown has begun to you becoming our new Year 7 students!



Meet your form tutor

Click on your tutor group for a 'hello' from your new tutor!


Mr Collins                                               Miss Ralls                                            Mr Palframan


Miss Kelsall                                           Ms Campbell

Welcome from Mr Slaughter, Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

I am delighted to welcome your child to Ormiston Six Villages Academy. We are very much looking forward to working closely with all our new students and their families in order to ensure that the move from primary to secondary education is as effective as possible.

In September, your child will join an academy where we foster a love of life-long learning. We provide a broad, balanced and fulfilling curriculum. We also provide a diverse enrichment programme which we encourage all students to participate in. In addition to this, our team of dedicated staff will work tirelessly in partnership with you to ensure your child reaches their potential.

Recognising that all our students have different skills and will grasp concepts and retain knowledge in many different ways is fundamental to helping us meet all our students’ needs. Providing lessons that inspire and engage, listening, and responding to students’ ideas and opinions is at the heart of what we do. Ensuring every student is known and feels valued through relationships built on mutual respect leads to a happy and safe place to learn.

We ‘Strive for Excellence’ and believe that hard work and doing things to the very best of your ability lead to success. From the moment students enter the academy we expect the very best from them. To us, the little things matter. Getting to school on time, dressing smartly, bringing the correct equipment and showing respect for all are four simple things everyone can do. 

Academic success is important, but the skills students learn and the character traits of resilience and resourcefulness that they develop along the way ensures that they are well prepared for whatever adventure they embark on in life. 

I look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 intake and to helping them to achieve their very best during the next phase of their education.  Due to the Coronavirus and unprecedented times we are living in, it was inevitable that there would be a disruption to our normal transition process. West Sussex County Council has advised us that it would not be appropriate for children from different feeder schools to visit their secondary schools for taster days this term. This is obviously very disappointing and we are looking at alternative ways to welcome you to Six Villages virtually. 

I would be grateful if you would regularly check this Year 6 Transition Hub on our website where we will post the latest news as well as other useful information and would ask you to ‘like’ our Facebook page to ensure you have sight of transition updates.

I am looking forward to our partnership, where we prepare your child for success in our global community. 

Mr Paul Slaughter, Principal

Welcome from Mrs Gavin, Director of Learning Year 7


Dear new Year 7 students (and parents/carers) 

We are really looking forward to you starting with us in September.  We know that moving from Primary to Secondary school is a really exciting and important time, but can sometimes feel scary and make you feel anxious.  Normally our Transition programme would help you feel more comfortable making this move, but unfortunately due to the current situation our Transition programme is different to normal.  However we want to do everything we can to make you feel happy and excited about starting with us in September.

Here in our Year 6 Transition hub, you will find everything to do with your transition, we hope you find it useful.  Please keep checking the Hub as we will be adding extra information and resources over the next few weeks.

I am excited to be a part of your journey at Six Villages and I am confident that as a team, we will be the best year group in the academy!  I can’t wait to get to know you all and to spend this year working with you. If you ever need anything, I am going to be right there to help or point you in the right direction. If you've any worries or questions you can email me ngn@ormistonsixvillages.org.uk 

Look after yourselves and we will see you very soon.

Mrs Gavin, Director of Learning Year 7

Welcome presentation for Year 7 families

Welcome to Ormiston Six Villages Academy. This video is part of our transition programme for new Year 7 students joining the academy in September 2020, with presentations from:

Mr Slaughter, Principal (Welcome) 00:00 minutes
Mrs Sharma, Vice Principal (Achievement) 05:48 minutes
Mr Kidd, Assistant Principal (Behaviour & Expectations) 11:12 minutes
Mr Case, Assistant Principal (Learning at Six Villages) 20:28 minutes
Mrs Gavin, Director of Learning Year 7 22:50 minutes


Your transition comic

Click the image to read our welcome comic strip booklet all about what to expect on your first day at Six Villages!






Transition work

We want to support you to be ready to learn with us and keep your brains buzzing over the summer! Click on the images below to download our transition work for English, Maths and Science.



Have a go at some of these challenges, for a fun introduction to some of your subjects.









Take a virtual tour!

Family Learning Project

Click on the image to download:

All about me

Year 6 Transition Booklet

Download a copy of the Year 6 Transition Booklet

School buses

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