Transition process for Year 6 students

For you and your child, moving from a primary to a secondary school may feel daunting. 

At Ormiston Six Villages Academy, we understand this and so run a series of events designed to ease this transition and welcome your child to the Six Villages family.

During the summer term, we visit all children who are joining us in September whilst at their current schools. This allows us to better understand their individual educational needs.

We also hold a Welcome Evening for parents and children to meet their form tutor, as well as some of the teaching staff, and help with any queries about the Academy's admission forms.

Our Transition Day is an action-packed and informative day where children meet their teachers and classmates to experience a typical day at the Academy, leaving them enthused, inspired and ready to begin their learning journey in September as part of the Six Villages family.

If you have any questions about transition please contact Mr Tim Kidd, Assistant Principal who manages this area.

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Thanks to all staff and students for making my son feel welcome on Transition Day. Several students approached him at lunch time to ask how he was, as he was on his own; he was also delighted to be invited by some Y9 boys to play cricket with them... impressive!  As a former secondary teacher and parent, it is a relief to know he is happy with his choice of school - what a great community."