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At Ormiston Six Villages Academy, we group our core values under the heading ‘Excellence for All’. Whilst we strive for students to achieve their best academically, we also strongly believe that they can only fulfil their potential if they understand themselves, their abilities and are fully aware of the possibilities available to them in the future.

Our students are moving forward into a rapidly changing world of education, careers and opportunities. For Year 11, this is the first time in 5 years that students will have a choice in where they will be learning. For this step in their education, however, students will have more choice — they have the opportunity to make choices about their own learning and the qualifications that go with it. This can influence their options for future education or employment.

We encourage all students, parents and carers to read through the information on this section of our website. Section 1 gives you key information about the work market where we live, what courses are available to students and how to apply once decided. Section 2 provides you with information about open events whilst section 3 gives you direct links to the Sixth Forms, Colleges and Apprenticeship providers in our area.

It is our aim to get each student on the most suitable course by the time they leave us this summer. This is the first important step to achieving that. Students will continue to be supported by all staff during Year 11 in making the best choices.

Mr C Marsh

Section 1: Key Information

Part 1 - The work market in the South East: what jobs can students expect to find if they stay in the area?

Please take 7 minutes of your time to find out what the main areas of employment are where we live, and what the main upcoming areas of employment are. It is important to consider what jobs are available where we live when choosing your Post 16 courses. Do you know if your qualification will lead to a job locally or will you have to move elsewhere in the country to find the job that best matches what you choose to study?

Part 2 - Finding out about Post 16 Courses: what is suitable for you?

Please take 8 minutes of your time to find out about the choices that are going to be available to you once you leave Year 11. This video encourages you to aim high, outlines the types of course available to you and offers you advice on how to find the best fit for you.

Click here to download a pdf of these slides.



Start Careers:


Part 3 – How to apply for your Post 16 Courses

Please take 6 minutes of your time to find out how to apply for courses. This section discusses college and sixth form open events, where to look on websites for application information and also mentions careers and advice sessions coming up this year.

Click here to download a pdf of these slides.

Section 2: Post 16 Open Events

This year, many open events are being hosted virtually. Almost all local 6th Forms will be delivering this information online either visa a live presentation or through video content that you can watch in your own time. All colleges have a wealth of online content but are also offering some on-site tours. Be sure to check in on their web-site before attending any on-site event, it is very likely that you will have to book beforehand.

Aim to visit at least two 6th Form websites as well as those of the colleges. Look in particular at the information relating to Level 3 Courses. 

Provider Name

Link to website


Open Events

6th Forms:




Bishop Luffa

01243 787741

Virtual event: Wednesday 14th October, 6.30pm

Chichester High School

01243 787014

Virtual event:  Thursday 15th October

St Philip Howard Catholic School

01243 552055

Virtual event: Thursday 12th November

The Regis School

01243 871010

Virtual tour, see website for details.

Felpham Community College

01243 826511

Virtual tours, from 24th October

The Littlehampton Academy

01903 711120

Virtual tours, starting this month. See website for details





Chichester College

01243 786321 


Chichester Campus: 
Tuesday 13th October, 4.30-7pm
Saturday 7th November, 10am -1pm
Thursday 11th March, 4.30-7pm Brinsbury Campus:
Saturday 17th October, 10am-1pm
Saturday 13th March, 10am-1pm

Havant and South Downs College

012 9287 9999

Havant Campus: A-Levels:
Wednesday 7th October, 5-8 pm
Saturday 7th November, 10am-1pm
Wednesday 3rd March, 5-8pm
South Downs Campus: Vocational Courses:
Tuesday 13th October, 5-8pm
Saturday 7th November, 10am-1pm
Thursday 25th February, 5-8pm

Highbury College

02392 383 131

Register online for these events:
Wednesday 7th October, 4.30-7pm
Thursday 8th October, 4.30-7pm
Saturday 7th November, 10am-1pm

UTC Portsmouth

023 9312 0200

Register online for these events:
Wednesday 7th October, 5-7pm
Saturday 21st November, 10am-12n
Thursday 3rd December, virtual event

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

1903 273 060

Register for these virtual events:
3rd, 4th and 5th November

Worthing College

01903 275 755

Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd November, 5-7.30pm


Section 3: Information about your possible Post 16 destinations

Hear more about the Post 16 options for Six Villages students from our local providers. Click on the logos below to watch introductory videos, read about what each provider can offer you, and find out more information and how to apply by visiting each provider's website.

Sixth Forms






Apprenticeship Providers


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Contact for careers advice

Please contact Mr C Marsh if you have any queries about our careers advice programme.

Email: [email protected]

01243 546800 x2811