Pastoral Curriculum

The pastoral curriculum at Six Villages is utilised to prepare our students for their role as a global citizen. Students are given the opportunity to engage with a range of themes and issues through a carefully balanced and topical curriculum.

A range of activities are undertaken across the timetable designed to celebrate success, build community spirit and enhance learning. Social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of learning are taught across a range of subject areas and allow students to develop critical thinking skills.

Within the tutor time programme and PSE framework students cover topics such as

  • Personal wellbeing, sexual and mental health and substance misuse.
  • British Values and the national Prevent agenda.
  • Financial matters and the development of financial capability.
  • Personal safety, online and in the wider community, avoiding exploitation and recognising cyber dangers.
  • Careers development, business and enterprise.

Tutor time activities vary for the different year groups with the year eleven focus being exam work, revision skills and wellbeing. Students in all years discuss topical themes and reflect on world events as well as developing literacy and numeracy skills. We also hold a fortnightly quiz to enable students to reflect on current affairs and build knowledge of the world around them.

A sense of community is a fundamental aspect of our pastoral curriculum and students have assemblies as a whole school, in year groups and in communities. We have a team of student leaders whose role it is to be the voice of the students and all of our young people are encouraged to play an active role in their assemblies. Student leadership is supported by the student community leaders and our trained ‘Peace Ambassadors’ who work to support students with academy life and wellbeing.

Numeracy and literacy are a key focus of the tutor time programme. Students undertake activities and the literacy programme is supplemented by the ‘Reading Buddies’ programme. This is a project where older students support younger students in developing their reading skills and building their confidence in speaking and listening.

Through our pastoral care and tutor time framework, we build upon our commitment to every child at our academy being known and nurtured.

We believe in excellence for all because there is excellence in all. 

Contact for the Pastoral Curriculum

Please contact Mr Tim Kidd if you have any queries about our pastoral curriculum.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01243 546821

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