Mental Health awareness

Our pastoral theme for this week is Mental Health awareness.

One of the most popular Christmas films of all time was made in 1946 - ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ - about a man named George Bailey who decides to end his life on Christmas Eve. Ms Molineaux-Inglis used some of the themes explored in this film to show how valued each and every person is by their family and friends, even if it does not always seem obvious, and our lives feel less than perfect.


I am not good enough for my family.

My friends don’t really care.

I’m not good enough.

I don’t have enough money.

I don’t have as much as other people.

I don’t look the same as other people. I’m different.

Ms Mol said, "These are all things that the character of George Bailey feels and says in the film that are part of the human condition. You are not weird or sad or crazy if you think or feel any of these things.

We will all find ourselves on different parts of the spectrum depending on a number of external factors beyond our control. Remember it is not what happens to you, it is how you respond to it that determines how you feel. Nobody will know that you are struggling unless you tell them and there is so much support for you if you need it. You can always talk to a teacher or to Mrs. White if you need to, you should never feel as if your mental health is not important or that your concerns are not important.


In the film, George Bailey did not speak up until it was almost too late, so the lesson from today is to always be honest about how you are feeling and seek support if you are struggling."



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