GCSE Study Options

The current Options Booklet for courses on offer to students moving into Year 9 can be downloaded from the link opposite.

We hope that parents and students will read and discuss the contents together and that this information, together with that available at our Options Evening, supports your decisions.

Our aim is to provide a broad programme of opportunities for learning and self-development for each student in our care. All students will follow a core programme which includes English, Maths, Science, IT, PE and RE. In addition, they will be able to study further courses selected from a range of option subjects.

We are determined at this important stage in your child's education to provide all the help and support that might be necessary. Please do not hesitate to consult Academy staff over any matter which requires clarification or advice.


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GCSE Options Booklet

The current Options Booklet can be downloaded below:

Options - Programme of Courses

The presentation given at the most recent Options Evening can be downloaded below:

Presentation - Options Evening

Vocational Qualifications

Vocational qualifications are offered in various option blocks based on BTEC, with Engineering, Performing Arts, Music and Sport in addition to Science. 

College based Vocational courses are offered to a small number of students for whom this is particularly appropriate in Years 10 and 11. 

Work Experience

Work experience has been a feature of the curriculum offered through “Young Apprentice” courses. When the National Scheme was ended recently, we put in place our own Young Apprentice course with built in regular Work Experience. This has led to considerable success on the part of YA students in gaining full time work and apprenticeships. Some of these students may have become NEETS without the positive experience of YA. Students from Traveller backgrounds have curriculums which contain College Courses, Vocational Courses taught in School and Work Experience.