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Pupils have careers guidance experiences in every Year Group during their time at Ormiston Six Villages Academy.

In Key Stage 3, this is addressed through topics covered during tutor time and in Humanities lessons. Pupils also have the opportunity to visit careers fairs held within the academy. Whole school drop-down days also invite pupils to explore future careers. In Year 8, pupils investigate and select their options for their Key Stage 4 studies. Part of this process involves a discussion and consideration of how their subject choices might influence their careers choices. 

In Key Stage 4, careers and guidance input is regularly delivered during tutor time and assemblies. Pupils have further opportunities to speak with representatives from a host of different back grounds at our careers fairs and are encouraged by subject and pastoral staff to ask specific questions or find out what qualifications are needed for certain careers. Whole school drop-down days also provide a time for pupils in Key Stage 4 to use online careers search tools and to plan their personal careers paths.

In Years 10 and 11, all pupils have one-to-one interviews with our Independent Careers Advisor Mr Burton. These interviews are designed to support and guide pupils with their career pathway whether they have yet to establish a focus or know exactly what they want to aim for. Pupils will  also use the website to help them find out information about specific jobs, Further and Higher Education opportunities and Apprenticeships.  

In Year 11 the pupils do more work on and are guided through the college and job application process. Some pupils work in groups with others who are interested in similar areas of work to find information and consider progression routes whilst others have further one-to-one interviews. Both of these inputs are taken by our Independent Careers Advisor. Any pupil who has taken part in a group activity can request a 1-2-1 interview if they are in need of further guidance and follow-up sessions are available for those who initially had a personal interview.

Once a pupil has registered and used they can log on to it at any time from anywhere they find convenient. They can change preferences, add information or research jobs, Further and Higher Education providers and check up on Apprenticeships available in the area. enables pupils to investigate careers choices in more detail as well as build a CV and other useful documents. Parents and carers might find it useful to work with the pupils when they access these sites from home. 

It is important to us that pupils develop clear ideas of the skills and preferences they have concerning the world of work. Every opportunity is given for them to develop strong progression routes and to leave us with a definite idea of the direction they will be taking in the near future. They may have a clear idea of a specific job or career area they wish to work in or just a plan for the next two or three years. Whatever their plans are, we want our pupils to build on the experiences they gain with us and be fully informed about the choices they make.



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Contact for careers advice

Please contact Mr C Marsh, Associate Assistant Principal, if you have any queries about our careers advice programme.


01243 546848

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