Attendance and Absence

Attendance, punctuality and absence

There are strong and well evidenced links between excellent attendance and excellent student achievement. At our academy, we work with students and families to achieve 100% attendance. Attendance that is less than 96% will initiate contact and close monitoring with either the tutor or Director of Learning.

While illness and injury are an unfortunate part of everyday life, it is important that they do not hamper your child’s education and we encourage all students to be in all lessons. Necessary medical or personal reasons for absence must be kept to a minimum and parents/carers should follow the absence procedure below. If there is a medical or personal reason where our support could enable your child to be in lessons, please let us know so that any time out of education is minimised. An example of this may be a student on crutches, with a fractured leg being able to leave lesson slightly early, to avoid busy corridors and being provided a safe space to spend break and lunch with their peers.

Non-urgent medical appointments should be scheduled for outside of the academy day. If, for any reason, this is not possible, the time outside of lessons should be minimal. The absence must still be reported as per the absence procedure.

We operate a simple and robust procedure regarding punctuality. If students arrive after the academy day starts at 8:20am, the consequence will be a short detention at lunch. Exceptions will only be made for buses being late or road traffic incidents. As many students travel in with parents, it is important that parents are aware of this and ensure that their children are dropped off in time. If a child is late to a lesson, there will be a consequence with the class teacher.

Absence procedure

Parents/carers should follow one of the following steps to report an absence. We request that where possible, planned absences are reported in advance, rather than on the day.

  • Email the Attendance Officer: [email protected]
  • Tel: 01243 546854 – a 24-hour answer machine you can call, any time, day or night
  • Call in personally to reception and leave a message for the Attendance Officer
  • Give a note signed by a parent/carer to a sibling to pass on to the Attendance Office 


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