Assessment & Reporting - KS3

Introduction to Progression Grids

Progression grids are created for each subject taught at Six Villages in Years 7 & 8.

Progression grids are a method of planning and assessment which will allow all of our students to make rapid and sustained progress through a focus on their strengths and their next steps in each subject.

A progression grid is designed to show students where their strengths lie and what they need to do to make progress in each of their subjects.  It also ensures that all students know what excellence looks like in each aspect of their work.

Once any skill or piece of knowledge has been clearly demonstrated, this will be ticked off on the students’ individual progression grid.  In subjects where work is done in an exercise book, grids are kept in the front of the book.  In practical subjects, grids are kept by the teacher.

More detailed information on progress measures for each year group can be found in the document below:

KS3 Progression grids

Contact for Assessment

Please contact Mrs Naomi Sheldrake, Assistant Principal, if you have any queries about assessment and reporting.


Tel: 01243 546821

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